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The past few months have been very busy for our collaborative. A few updates for you are below.

Welcome West Bank!

We’ve been meeting with the West Bank Business Association regularly since last year, and have been collaborating with their board about Business Improvement District implementation. The goal is to put the West Bank Improvement District in place this summer!

You can find out more about the work on the West Bank and some outreach materials here:

Welcome Dave Feehan and Carol Becker!

After a year of researching the pros and cons of installing a Business Improvement District, as well as studying the implications for our respective areas, we’re ready to forge ahead. We received funding from the McKnight to contract with a expert to move the process forward. We’ve decided to work with Carol Becker and Dave Feehan, who come with a balance of practical experience and a wealth of knowledge on BIDs throughout the states. (You may remember a study we posted about a few months ago with a link to Carol’s 2010 US BID Census report.)

Carol and Dave will be working with us to outline with the BIDs will look like in each area, as well helping us craft the budgets, ordinances, and petitions.

We’re looking forward to moving forward!

More updates to come.

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