Central Avenue Survey – Results!

Survey Responses

  • 50% were property owners
  • 65% were business owners (a few both business and property owners)
  • 50% were familiar with CASSD (Central Ave Special Services District)
  • 35% were familiar with BIDs (Business Improvement Districts – general)

High-Ranking Priorities
(Listed from most to least important, with a three-way tie for the #1 ranking.)

1. Winter Services (avg 4.11)
1. Graffiti Removal (avg 4.11)
1. Filling Vacant Storefronts (avg 4.11)

4. Control over Budgets/Spending (avg 3.89)
5. Marketing Central (avg 3.74)
6. Increased Parking (avg 3.68)
7. Landscaping (avg 3.42)
8. Tree Lights (avg 3.32)
9. Banners (avg 2.74)
10. Snowflake Installation/Repair (avg 2.53)

Other suggestions noted:

  • parking on friday afternoon is bad. clean up existing business store fronts and sidewalk (furniture store and corner mkt on 26th).
  • 5 – window signage, cluttered windows, dirty storefronts
  • 4 (marked “other” but left no note)
  • 3 Safety or Perception of Safety
  • 5 Better storefronts. Name brand restaurant as in, Applebees, TGI Fridays, Chili’s, Any hamburger chain.


The 35% awareness of Business Improvement Districts is not entirely surprising, but the 50% awareness of CASSD is lower than initially expected. Our next step will be to continue outreach and education to the businesses and property owners along Central Avenue.

We are proposing an outreach meeting on the morning of Wednesday June 29th, 2011, 7:30 am. This meeting will be to inform about the work that CASSD is doing on behalf of the local business community as well as to let businesses and property owners know about the research that the Northeast CDC is doing for Central Avenue. The meeting will be filmed and posted online for those not able to attend. More info to come.

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